Cute Stories From the Farm

We put this page together to share some of our fun stories that come up. It seems that something is always happening around here with all the animals, so we hope enjoy some of our favorites as they occur.

Maggie is such a wonderful mom! She had a litter at the same time that Mimi, our Pom had one. We went out to do our morning chores and left the two mothers in the house with their litters. Maggie had all yellow labs and Mimi had black and brown yorkie-poms. When we came in Maggie was calmly laying in her box nursing her pups except one of the babies nursing was black. Of course we panicked and thought she had another pup a day later until we discovered that one of the yorkie-poms was missing. Maggie had stolen the black yorkie-pom and was nursing him right along with hers. I guess she didn't like the way Mimi was mothering her babies and thought she would help.
Little Bernie, our 8 pound Yorkshire Terrier is quite the terror. He believes himself to be the king of the place and thinks he can take on everything. One day he went a little to far with one of our drakes, a beautiful mallard. It took that duck several months to quit chasing Bernie whenever he got to close. My Mom and I were working in the garden one day and the duck went off. He put his head to the ground and started the chase. We weren't close enough to catch the duck and stop him so all we could do was laugh histerically and yell encouragement to Bernie to run, which he did. We had never seen those little legs go so fast before.
This is Duchess, one of our milkers. She is a wonderfully patient girl that works with me in teaching milking. We don't even have to tie her, she stands so well. One day I got sidetracked in the middle of milking her and left the stand for a moment. When I turned back one of the older pups was standing on his hind legs helping himself to some fresh milk right out of the udder. She still stood there patiently but I did get a look that told me this was a little too much.